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Saturday, February 25, 2006

stuck in limbo

ugggghhhh, Im sick. this sucks, I think Jesse gave it to me. I feel horrible, and I can even eat. I love eating. Its even worse because im like stuck in a transitory state. im moving out of my house and soon to Japan but I don’t want to, and at the same time I do. my room is full of crap, I wish that I never had so much stuff. I just don’t know what to do with all of it?
Do you guys want it, hey maybe I should auction its all off? I don’t know? I also have to figure out what to take to Japan and what to keep forever? Oh and what to junk.

don’t you wish that sometimes you could just escape everything, that’s how I feel now but im like a puddle of goo stuck in my bed. i want to work on some stuff for my blog, I was gong to add allot of new content but have yet to work on it.

I just realized that I have no idea where this is going? do you? tell me oh please tell me?
well anyway maybe I will start doing some better posts soon. you know everyone goes though a slump.

peace to all and to all a sweet night, because im going to sleep all day. ha ha ha!


Ok so i wanted to show Matt how his room has changed, for the better. now that im staying in it, it is naturaly much better. i think that even THOR the god of thunder would wat to stay in this room.

Sweet huh, you wish you could have this THOR. punk

Friday, February 24, 2006

Woman, oh how we love them.

ugghhh (drool) sweet, sweet Morgan Webb.

Ok, so the other day I was playing wow and watching G4 (you know, multitasking) and I noticed something odd. I am drawn to woman, now I know what your thinking but wait. I mean its weird, in WoW I was adventuring with a female player and we talked as we played, I found out that she was the same age and grew up loving the same things (Nintendo, cartoons, ext) and I was thinking to myself about how this woman was just amazing and how I wished that more woman were like this. Just then it dawned on me, we (men) are infatuated with woman, more so when they are into the same things but we (again us men) need to notice that woman are the same, we come in all types. I remember when Matt and I were infatuated with Morgan Webb just because she was smoking hot and played games, like actually played games. We need to notice that girl do and love all things including guy stuff and men more and more are doing girl stuff. on another note we men love woman so much, at least most men like myself love woman (hey I don’t judge, if you like men that’s cool) but I noticed that more men love woman so much that they play them in video games, Matt always plays woman over men and in WoW more men play woman. I don’t mind this but on wow if your a man don’t try and play as a woman, please.

oh and you can expect allot of new content coming, I got some plans and expect more post because I will be around allot now.

Peace out jive turkeys!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


So, im back from the rig for EVER! mwa ha ha ha! Nothing can stop me now. Well anyway besides that I don't have much to write so im just going to though some junk out there.

first- why do people say " the alarm just went off" when it just really just came on? Did it come on physical and went off mentally, or what?

second- do they put underwear on corpses? If so why?

third- why do child labor laws not prohibit children from acting in movies?

fourth- do you wake up or open your eyes first? Oh complex.

fith- can you be "in the zone" and "zone out" at the same time? That could kill you, like sneezing and farting at the same time.

and a pole- which is better pirates or ninjas, I need to know your opinion. Its very important, you will find out later. Its going to be sweet.

quote- "in solviet Russia you don't eat hamburger, hamburger eat you" - ask Jess B, she will tell you.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Last night sucked. It was -27 all night never mind the wind chill. Have you ever been working outside in that shit, every fluid that leaves your body instantly freezes and all the orifices that excrete them become crusted over. The worst was when I was bending down to work on my tong and my nose was uncovered, well it was running and after about five seconds I stood up and there was an icicle protruding from my nostril (ouch). Well enuph about the shitty weather.

I noticed another thing at work today, if you look at the warning label on a ladder you will see that it states "warning final two steps of ladder shall not be used" well what are these mystery steps for? Why make them if we cant venture on to these forbidden steps? Why oh why do you temp us oh ladder gods?!

well I had more to write but sleep beckons, or is it WoW I cant decide.

Quote: "Is that like a Jewish bazuka"- Braden ( a comment spawned from the phonetic pronunciation of Chanuka, long story maybe latter)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nostalgia and what games are all about

So lately iv felt a need to go back to my "roots", and play games and watch movies that I consider nostalgic. As you get older (I know I'm not that old) you always seem to go back to the things that your comfortable with, well I feel that all the shit that's being pumped out of the entertainment industry lately is ruining gaming and overall everything that I love about it. I mean look at what I grew up playing, Mario, original Square RPGs, and original pokemon. All of these are great games , platformers that made you want to keep playing and RPGs that sucked you in but now these genres are just horrible. The game industry is saturated with card battling, monster catching, slightly anime themed crap, and the kids buy it even though it sucks. I hope that the industry gets a overhaul and goes back to games with gameplay and story as the main selling point.

So kids if your reading this go back and play Mario from world 1-1 until you crash. Don't worry if you have cool parents they will support you, if not REBEL!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Beaver Drink ?

Ok, what's with energy drinks? I was in the convenience store this morning before work and I noticed that the energy drink market has exploded, but all the product names suck or are not appetizing at all. The first one that catches my attention was "beaver buzz" so just think if you were going though the store and came across a drink that could for all you know contain beaver or beaver essence, ya big seller. Then I found "diet rockstar", who wants a diet rockstar you want a wicked cool 80s hard rockinest, ass-kickinest rockstar that doesn't care about there body and dieting, they should be more concerned with destroying their body. The last one has "Lost" this just confuses me, will I be lost if I drink this or what? I'm confused. There's so many more ridicules names for drinks, and I think that the only one that makes any sort of sense is redbull and personally its the worst one.

overall I hope this fad dies because there all the same and people aren't buying them. Excepted to mix with alcohol, which is a bad idea but wicked fun, eh Tom.

Life is short, live it up and enjoy it.

Hey, what's up. So anyway iv been gone for a while, busy with work and what not. Well, the last few weeks have been pretty weird and this one sucked big time but I today I had a epiphany. Life is to short to be sad or mad or whatever , just chill and make the best of it. I applied this to my attitude today and made the best of it... Wow it worked and I had just a great day. So people love life and live it up.

oh yah I have 24 hours off so between long bouts of WoW I will fill out a few blog entry's that I thought up, so prepare.
and happy Valitines to all the pretty ladies in my life and hey what the hell the guys too, I'm comfortable with myself, P.s a special valitine to Matts sweet sweet sexy ass ( did I just type that oops)

Friday, February 10, 2006


thanks too all for the B day wishes. I think im going to take a brake from the blog while im at work, im just too tired to write after work. dont worry i will make notes for ideas and post them when i get home, ok bye.

oh and a quote

"owning a slave my freind, last time i checked is not a a community service"- Keven P

" Fuck"- Candice ( in a msn conversation, ya its true she did i saved it )

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rig 74 is sinking and i dont want to swim

ok i dont want to write but i want to write, uhg!

anyways so the last two days of my life wave sucked big time. my first daya t work lasted 16 hours and had to be the hardest day on a rig possable. it started with tripping (gay) , thats where you take all the pipe out of the hole. but soon after i noticed that every thing was wrong, very wrong. Ok so you know in movies or games when something is falling down it rummbles, well the rig was doing this and every one was pannicing, so i was all "whats going on" then bradon was "the rig is sinking the rig is sinking" . ya the rig was sinking, like in the ground. so we rushed to get every thing out of the hole and get the BOP off (look it up). whan i was in the cellar working on the stack i didnt notice that i was sinking into the ground as i worked, and this stuff was like that cornstarch stuff you make in science class, if you try and pull it gets hard and if yu relax it sucks you in. well anyways i got stuck up to my waist and then 草 (Wes) found me and tryed to get me out , well he got stuck too. well than my brother found us and got us out. ok well any way im tired maybe i will make a better post tomarow, but now i sleep. oh and i know that this post sucks. hell im not evan going to spell check, deal with it.

thanks to all for the birthday wishes, on Matts site.

oh and a quote for the day
" ya, well if my aunt had balls she would be my uncle" - Braden Leach
it was os funny when he said that.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Food report

yumm yumm

this sweet sweet pie just came out of the oven, it was a labor of love and a 4 hour project. I screwed up and added too much ginger and nutmeg but this added soo much more to it, in a good way. I smothered it in iced cream and cinnamon, and enjoyed every bite. I think Candice and Tom are coming over for a piece tomorrow.

that's about all I ate today due to the fact that all I did was play WoW, and you don't need a lot of energy for that.

The world needs the Ninja turtles

I was just thinking that with all the problems in the world, all the war and the fighting. With all this happening we need a force that can defeat any foe, and that is the Ninja Turtles. Well if you think about it they are the ultimate killing machines. But it doesn't have to end at the turtles we could make a hole army of mutant fighting machines. There could be so many possibility
, Canada could mutate a beaver: this strong and majestic animal could be an unstoppable force with its large powerful teeth, dam building ability and slow waddle. We would be a force to fear. THE MIGHTY MUTANT FIGHTING BEAVERS!

Think of your own mutant fighting animal and post them. I will be waiting for some good ones.

Peace people

Saturday, February 04, 2006


dude i just woke up and and i think my body is trying to kill me.

Tom got hit on by a cougar, memoirs of a Friday

the end of the night - 6:00 am

So, the night started by me going to meet tom at the staples/ Ashcroft residence. We met up with no intentions of doing much ( just hangin ) we started by watching the first episode of astroboy ( in original Japanese, wicked cool) and after that we went to Calgary to buy WoW and get a phone charger for my MOM, after this we went to super store ( ok, so IM drunk now and very surprised that I can even type, this probably doesn't sound all that fun but it gets better. Thank the powers for spell check. )
at super store we got all the sweet candy ( yummy candy ) than tom drove us home , that was fun we had the best atmosphere for learning. We had classical music playing, peanut M&M's, and IM the best driving instructor ever, so tom had a good experience of learning to drive a standard. When we arrived home we went inside to meet the clan well they were just chilling in front of the fire. As we conversed and casual watched T.V tom and I installed WoW (yay legal drugs are cool) than I went to give my mom her car ( thanks mom ). As I was out I stopped by the liquor store to buy some wine for dinner ( oh no the beginning of the end )
as I arrived back for dinner ( delicious home food ) we played around in WoW, drank wine ( sweet sweet weighty zinfadel ) and ate dinner. So now your saying " oh wow mason what a great night, if your like a 1000 years old. NERD ) but this is where it begging.

just as the clock hit eleven tom and I decided to go down to the local bar for a TOM COLLINS, a plan that we had for a while. Seemed like a harmless idea. You know walk to the local bar ( safety first ) have a drink, leave. You know just a social thing, all in fun, but in fact far from. As we walked we talked, as we talked we discovered that life has its downs and in one way or another we both were experiencing them at the time ( at the time we didn't know but it would eventual contribute to the night).

so anyway we arrived at the bar, a little naborhood bar named "shaqs", it wasn't any thing special at first but not long after we arrived, ordered our first drinks ( tom Collins ) we found a table and settled in. Just then out of no where a live band appeared. This was sweet, they were playing old school jazz and rock. Tom and I just started to jam and every one was dancing or chilling. It was a great atmosphere for a Friday night. We ordered another drink ( screw drivers ) and were just enjoying the band talking and relaxing to the max. By the end of the second drinks we were starting to loosen up and really enjoy the evening, with all the people and the band. So than we went to the max and ordered up everything that we wanted, because it was the al mighty "POWER HOUR" when all the drinks were cheap. We started with a gladiator, than a bottle cap & grasshopper combo, now your probably thinking that " wow that should be enough" but not for me and tom. We have amazing super drinking skills ( don't get me wrong IM partaker proud of that ) well than we where relay enjoying our selves minglig, talking and what not. At that time the dance floor was full of people and one looked just like Roseanne ( you know that old show ) and she was all up in EVERYONE'S BUSINESS, it was sweet to watch, all the dancers were loving it, oh and the 50 year old hooker was playing the field. So than tom and I decided on a flash that more drinks would help the overall mood, so we orded what I call the galaxy of shots, it consisted of a apple pie, jack & jack, electric popsicle, and many more that in my inebriated state I cant remember. This pushed us of the edge, but that was OK because the hole bar was hopping to the band and just a drunk as we. One guy was jumping all over the bar playing air gaiter, drums, sax, and keys. I mean he was all over nocking shit over and just rocking out hardcore. By this time tom was hitting on everything with ovaries, hell they barely had to be alive he was all over. Just tan I has talking with a couple at the next table of people, and as the conversation shifted to our lives the wife of one man came to our table to talk, but we didn't realize that she was a super cougar until it was too late. se approached Tom like pray and tom at the time has as good as a fresh pile of raw meat. The two just talked and talked, and as it progressed she got slower in speech and closer to tom. I thought for a moment that poor tom was as good as F#$*@D I saved him by diverting her attention back my way and than to her husband. By the end of all that we decided to finish the night ( at least the semi sober part ) off and went up to the bar to order the last of it. We received our super drinks and a pint each just as the band finished ( now the super drinks are too super for the regular populace so I wont release that info ) so we foxed our drinks, grabbed our coats left a tip ( gentlemen ) and headed out the door. As far as we knew that was it, but no the beer and super drinks hit us like and a brick. Just then we blanked out and our feet started to carry us. The best feeling ever. At first I didn't know but than we were at Tim hortons and eating donuts and cookies. I remember talking to the employees and customers, I am not sure but it must have been fun, ask Tom? So after a while a bunch of old friends from high school came into the Timmys and we talked for hours ( yah fez ate the Boston cream and the maple, dick ) so after some great catching up, we parted ways and tom and I walked home and talked while carrying donuts. Tom and I talked a lot and know we share a special bond know, we are great friends that will always be bonded know after these months. Ok so any ways we arrived back here and I think we had trouble getting in. Than I wrote this and know I think its very earily. I was talking to matt .

I hope this makes sense because it was such a fun night, you will have trouble understanding but use your imagination and you will understand.

quote of the day
" we don't have a drinking problem, we drink, we get drunk, no problem." - Tom & Mason

Peace out, now go enjoy life.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Just saying hello

just saying hello

thought that i would add a quote for Matt.

" the spring has come, and once again the sun shines in the sky; so gently smile the heavens, that it almost makes me cry,
when blossoms droop and die" - kino tomonori

Winter showers,
even the monkey searches
for a raincoat
- Basho

there is a little spring and a little winter, its a kind of season were stuck in.

By the way, Matt I got a new Mac and need help, email me or be on msn tonight.

The government is listening

So, I was watching the news today and one of the main stories was about the American government "spying" on the public through email and most surprisingly the phone. Now, if you think about this, like really think about all the things that you talk on the phone. You just know that they are misusing there power. I could just see two FBI agents sitting around listing to the general populace, laughing at all their lives.

I think it would go some thing like this.

special agent Bob: Hey, Steve come here. You have to hear this.
secrete agent Steve: What, I am listening in on terrorists.
special agent Bob: Terrorist, who cares. I got this guy on the line that's cheating on his wife.
secrete agent Steve: oh, juicy.
special agent Bob: that's nothing I listened to this guy having phone sex for hours yesterday.
secrete agent Steve: I love this job, do you believe we get paid for this.
( both agents stand up and give each other a wicked cool, old school high five! BAM)

you just know that's what is happening.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Food report

Well I started the day off with eggs, with Cheddar (real Cheddar, not waxy supermarket crap) and rice with flax seed and black sesame. I hope that every one trys this it gives the rice a ritch nutty flavor, but you should use a rice cooker for the best results.
then for lunch I had a salmon sandwitch with fresh Mayo on focatchia. It was yum yum good!

then I had a biscoti for a snack ( not so good, I with I didn't eat it )

Then the highlite was dinner. I went to a small restaurant with my mom and grandma, it was called the green olive.
I started with a fresh roll ( hot and delicious ) than a large glass of zinfadel that was absolutely great.
the main course consisted of a sweet curry gnocci, i cant describe it but very good will have to do.

well very busy must go and get coffee with tom.


So do you ever read those bus benches. Today in calgary I found the best one, MAX FERNANDEZ! This guy must be a super realtor that twilights as a super hero. I mean that is the best super name, he could pass as a any secret agent for any country ( fernandez, max fernandez ).

On a side note, in Calgary there is a hello kitty themed smart car. It was driving around but I didn't have a camera ( too bad ).

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Food report

I was so starving today and just home from a week of crap food. So I made two of my favorites.

I started off with gingerbread and whight chocolate waffles covered in pure maple syrup and peanut butter.
they are also good with boiling hot molasses and cinnamon.
then I followed that with ochazuke and salmon. Now if you know what that is you are probably saying salmon and ochazuke? but I encourage you to try it.

I will post recipes in the future but I don't care today , but ask and I will later no problem.

Mason vs Gravity

Ok, so I start my blog today. I made the decision at work one day just out of the blue. I always read Matt's blog and I gets me thinking and often keeps me sane at work. Usual the thoughts that stem from his blog breed new ones and at work or at least where I work your thoughts are all you have. So for the past week I have been making notes of all the crazy things that go through my head. I will also post food reports, with detailed info on recipe's or meals that I consume [ yummy], quote of the day, and fun pictures. I hope that the posts entice people who read them to leave comments and start conversations on the comments page.

So, just got home from work [urge exhausted] and this hitch wasn't too bad, just another hole but we did compleat it in only a week. 2700 meters in 10 days. Usual I rate the hitch on if I come home and am still alive, then it was good. But this gets a medium score. I made the time honored mistake of challenging gravity. Lets just say I fell....... Far [ like down the V-door far] and it hurt. Now I don't know why but for all of time its self the inhabitants of earth have decided to challenge the ALMIGHTY GRAVITY. No one has ever learned that you cannot beat this force. As children we would try, and found that no we coulnt fly [ I myself tried from our shed roof ], then as teenagers we try [esteem sports] and again we fail. Then finely as adults we try and create ways to fly. Now you may say " well mason we can fly, look at plains, see gravity is our bitch" well I say no, gravity I just giving us permission to use it for awhile and as the large bruise on my back will prove as evidence. So over all we should just wave a weight flag, though in the towel and let gravity win because no body should challenge a invisible almighty force, the score will always be gravity 100 - people 0.