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Monday, March 20, 2006

In defense of a great country

WARNING, disclaimer. I don't have the best grasp of the English language, so don't expect anything spectacular or a Matt post. I do my best so deal with it.

Ok, this in response to "Gregs" post on Matts blog.

First off, if you think its cold then you must be from some fancy warm county. Im sorry but here we are not privileged enough to have "hot weather", but we make the best of it. Our county has great weather we can get it all here. B.C. With its Rainy days that lead to beautiful sunrises. Alberta with winters and summers that allow for every sport imaginable. Saskatchewan, well... Ok I don't know much about Saskatchewan or Manitoba but I hear there great. Ontario and Quebec have warm weather and lakes to enjoy it with. Uhh.. I don't know much about the east, maybe Aaron can elaborate. Oh and the territories help make Canada what it is, no matter what your opinion is about all the snow. Over all, our weather is an amazing thing and gives us personality and makes us great.

Now as for Canadians. The way we speak makes us (as with all country's) who we are, but in the way that we specifically speak shows how we are not afraid to be ourselves. Here in Canada we don't assimilate we accept. We don't care about where your from or what you worship, this is a big part of us. This is what makes Canada great.

There is so many more amazing things about Canada and I hope that all the Canadians that read that comment show there pride and prove him wrong about (not aboot) this amazing country.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Brain Overload

Ok im writing this in the morning because last night I was tired. So I played Maple story till 2:00, but it was justified. You see yesterday i was my first day of Japanese study, and it was fun but my brain was working overtime. Then at work (the Chinese restaurant) we were learning Chinese (oh my god brain...working...too...hard!) so last night I decided to take a break from thinking and just relax. By the end of the day I couldn’t even speak English.

On another note, today on Daily planet they had a report on how thinking too hard about things is not the best way to find a solution. The best ways to make complicated decisions or figure out a problem is to get an idea of it, then leave go for a walk get a coffee and eventually it will come to you. In fact 100% faster than if you were to sit there and mull it over. Ok so I don’t know exactly how it works but it has something to do with your subconscious being technically stronger or something.

Ok Ok so on a slightly different subject, I have discovered the true reason to why the dinosaurs "went extinct". You see that dinosaurs are ultimate beings even greater than the mythical "GOD". So when "GOD" made his humans. The dinosaurs feeling threatened; instead of starting a war that they could easily win they decided to use their super dino skills to move faster then humans. This actually puts them on a different plane of existence; they are technically still there but not. This is why dinosaurs are the greatest and we should respect them.

Well im out. Have a super day.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Turn around, go back to Matts blog. Nothing to see here.


I did say that I would post almost every day now, so here it is...

Well im tired, so no post worth reading today. Ha ha sorry.

I will think of something good for tomorrow.

G-Beef says "don't mess with the Ginger House, BAM!"


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

8-Bit love child

Ok quick update. I have found the greatest game ever (Matts going to love this) its called "Maple story", it is a massively multi player online (here is the good part) sidescrolling platformer. This game seems great, its as if it was made for all of us gamers that grew up in the super 8-bit era. Its like Mario got drunk and picked up WoW at the bar, one thing led to another ( kinkyest sex ever) and 9 months later BAM! A amazing "love child" was born. This game is that child. I discovered it on youtube (if you don't watch youtube, go now it seems like the craziest idea but it looks like it works well. I haven't played it yet but im sure Matt will soon, if you want to get it (it is free!) the website is

Check it out, I COMMAND YOU!

This is worse than that story about the octopus and tiger

ok so I was going to write something about what's new and whatever, oh wait there is one thing. Worldlink is screwing me big-time, they have now decided to take al my money. That's about all that's news for now, I guess.

Sweet, I just had an idea. Here is the great story about the octopus and tiger, I think it stems from a Chinese proverb or something?
Ok, so one cold fall the tiger was working hard to prepare for the upcoming winter. He spent all his time collecting acorns (which are clearly the staple of the tiger diet) but at the same time the lazy ass octopus spent all of his time watching TV and bumming off his girlfriend. So by the time the bitter winter rolled into town the octopus was unprepared, so he killed the tiger who was exhausted from all his hard work. The octopus then continued to bum off his girlfriend and he was happy, especially because he had lots of acorns to eat.
so you see kids that the moral is to get as much as possible, for as cheap as possible and to avoid work whenever possible as it will make you weak. Then an octopus will kill you! Trust me kids, some Chinese guy said it like a bazillion years ago (I think?)

well have a super day everyone.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Ok, im back.

Hey im Back, clearly with vengeance. Not exactly sure what for but its there.

well besides that, a slightly somber note. Have you ever wanted to just give up or quit, now I don't mean like your job or a bad habit, I mean like your current life. You know just walk away from all the junk, hit the road with nothing but your clothes and I guess some shoes. Leave and not worry about consequence's or anything. Oh to escape, how great that would be.

anyway, for the last week as you know I was sick. So all I did was vegetate, well let me tell you that being sick is amazing for brushing up on your macgyver skill repeater. I am sure that now I could fix anything, wait not just fix bit reconstruct into a better device. A new tool of epic proportions. macgyver can do anything, you give him some gum, a stick, suitcase, tailpipe, insulation, and a coconut he can do anything. In fact that exact combination of ingredients is what macgyver used to defeat the Sheik gold robbers and save that elderly British couple in episode 178.

oh you got to love macgyver. On a side note being sick is good for playing wow. I did a lot of that, and I have made a lot of friends in the game. Unless you have a lot of time to spare don't start playing it, you will go crazy and die.

oh Matt what did you try and use as a password to break in, blogger emailed me and said that someone had tried. Ha ha it was kind of funny. Keep trying, go ahead hack my blog. マットくんはばかです。

ok, so this isn't the best but im just getting back in the game so expect more, I promise.